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30 Day Wellness Programs

Here at Transitions, we have put together a 30 Day Program for individuals with Eczema or Psoriasis that will clear up skin/show marked improvement in only 30 Days!

We have had an increasing number of customers reach out to us about their skin conditions, Eczema and Psoriasis in particular. The more we heard these difficult stories about $1000's spent on various medicines with significant side effects and low or limited efficacy, we knew that we have an opportunity to serve a community that has historically had limited options with high costs, side effects, and often times only temporary solutions.


A 2015 Study found when patients with plaque psoriasis were treated sequentially with LED delivering continuous 830 and 633 nm in two 20-min sessions for 4 or 5 weeks, 60–100% clearance rates were achieved without any significant side effects. These follow up observations were conducted 3 TO 8 MONTHS after treatment!

Our Red Light Therapy beds offer Red Light (633nm) and NIR (830nm) and we have put together an optimized program that will bundle services to save money and produce the best results in 30 Days. Guaranteed.

What's Included

  • UNLIMITED Red Light Sessions

  • Four Float Sessions

  • Skincare Products

  • Custom App to Monitor Progress

  • Supportive Guides for Diet/Supplemmentation

  • Four Salt Cave Sessions

Total Value: $900

Package Price: $395


UPDATE: Based on feedback from our first participants, we are offering a BONUS set of FOUR redlight sessions that will not expire, to be used after completion of the 30 day program for ongoing maintenance.

"When I went in to see my dermatologist, she decided to forego the treatment plan for my psoriasis, because I didn't need it anymore!

Kerry, F.

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