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Salt Cave + Halotherapy

"Breathe.  Easy"


We are staying conscious of social distancing, so if you are booked with another party, we will be bringing you back separately. Once you are in the Salt Cave, you will be asked to remain in your chairs and exit one at a time to control social distancing. We will be cleaning the chairs and head phones after each use.  During this time, we are allowing for private sessions to be scheduled for no additional cost. If you'd prefer a private session, please call us to schedule.

What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy is an all-natural approach to finding relief from asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, sinusitis and other respiratory conditions. Halotherapy acts to cleanse and detoxify the lungs, thus improving respiratory function. The inhaled dry salt that is blown into the air removes impurities from the lungs, clears congestion, kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, increased oxygen intake, and boosts immunity. 

Our Salt Cave is lined with Himalayan Salt bricks directly from Pakistan. The Himalayan Bricks have a benefit in themselves as they release negative ions, purifies the air, neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, and much more.   

Halotherapy Improves:

Respiratory Conditions





Smokers Cough

Cystic Fibrosis

Sinus Conditions



Ear Infections

Skin Conditions




Benefits of Himalayan

Salt Bricks/Lamps:


Electromagnetic Radiation

Purifies the Air

Reduces Asthma and

Allergy Symptoms

Improve breathing

Increase energy levels

Negative Ions

Improve Your Mood

Help you sleep better


Reduce stress and increase performance

History & More Details...

IMG_3482 (1).jpg

Halotherapy is a safe, modern and holistic method that adopts the principles of  Speleotherapy (the Greek word for salt caves), and involves the practice of dry salt therapy (Halotherapy). In Speleotherapy, a person sits in a salt lined cave and inhales the mineral infused air for respiratory benefits. The word Halotherapy is derived from the Greek word "halos," meaning salt. In halotherapy, the "salt cave" environment seen in speleotherapy is replicated, and with the use of a machine called a halogenerator, pure sodium chloride crystals are crushed into microsized particles, and the salt aerosol is released into the air to be inhaled.  

Halotherapy acts to cleanse and detoxify the lungs, thus improving respiratory function. The inhaled dry salt  removes impurities from the lungs, clears congestion,  kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, increased oxygen intake, and boosts immunity.  It is also very relaxing, and good for stress relief.  Halotherapy also benefits the skin by normalizing pH, helping dermal repair, and increasing skin rigidity.

Halotherapy is safe for adults AND children.  

It is all natural, holistic, restorative, non -invasive, and 100% drug free.  

Pricing and Session Information

​Our Salt Cave is provided at either location!

  • 45-Min Session (appointment required)

  • Pricing: 1 Wellness Credit $30 - 10 Pack of Wellness Credits $175

  • Bring up to 3 guest to your appointment. Only $10 add on, per person! We will take care of booking and charging additional guests at arrival

  • Children welcome with parent or guardian present

  • Call with any questions at 804-533-5628 in Short Pump or 804-464-2668 in Midlothian


We have space for up to 4 adults at a time.

Enhance your experience while relaxing in our reclining Lounge Chairs. 

Feel free to come dressed as you are, comfortable clothes recommended but not necessary.


This is a private session for you and any guests you bring. The Salt Cave is a quiet room, so you don't need to worry about people disrupting your experience.


Please arrive 5 minutes early  Sessions are 45-mins and start promptly.

We provide clean socks for all to use during the session. Shoes are not allowed in the salt cave. 


Please do not bring any electronics, food or drinks in the salt cave. Private cubbies are provided. Only bottled water is allowed in the salt cave. 


The salt cave is a quiet, relaxing environment so we ask that you do not chat with your neighbor or on the phone as to not disrupt the other guests.

We provide headphones with pre-loaded relaxation music in Midlothian and Ambient music playing over a speaker in Short Pump, so your session can be cozy and peaceful.


We offer family sessions and adult only sessions, so please call and specify the number of people and children when calling to book your session.

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