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Corporate Wellness Plan

The Goal

Larger companies are facing an increased need for employee retention, prevention of burnout, and have begun to focus on mental health/mental wellbeing as a key component of staff support and engagement.

The Corporate Wellness Plan with Transitions looks to improve the lives of your employees while benefitting your company!

Cost and Employee Participation

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Staff yoga breaks during lunch, Lunch and Learn presentations by Health and Medical Professionals, other group based activities keep cost down, however are often volunteer based and difficult to maintain high levels of engagement over time. These work hour events sometimes risk backlash from employees expressing desire to not “have” to do something during their timed lunch break, interrupt their work, etc.


Gym memberships are an excellent incentive, but are you able to track employee engagement? How do you know if your investment in your staff is being utilized?


Rich Health Plans and EAP- excellent and valued by employees, however difficult to know what level engagement staff has with these plans. Health Plans have evolved to no include quality remote therapy with low or no copays, however Therapy is confidential and often times taken advantage of when an employees struggles have become too large to effectively manage with their existing support system, so as an administrator, you either become aware when the problem has grown too big, or you never become aware and the individual may resolve their struggles via therapy which is GREAT but limits the opportunity as an organization to evaluate trends, areas of concern, culture, etc.

Transitions looks to solve these problems for larger organizations while improving the lives of its employees.

Solutions to Key Problems


Cost Effective

We have created a scalable cost based on the engagement of your staff, as the engagement increases, we are willing to retroactively bill for services rendered to avoid wasted spending on services that go unutilized


Administrative Oversight

We will be reporting monthly to your organization a monthly utilization of services for billing purposes. This will also offer valuable insight into the level of engagement of your staff with our services. We believe that within the first three months, you will be able to identify improved performance of your employees that are regularly engaged in services with us due to the effectiveness of the therapies offered.


Employee Engagement

We will do the work to educate your team about the values of each service, what they offer, and how to take advantage of the opportunities. We are happy to approach this a variety of ways, offering a brief Presentation on the services and the science behind them, or providing your team monthly engagement reports that highlight the benefits

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