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Whole30 is a 30 Day Nutritional Reset Program 

Founded by Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig, the Whole30 program was designed with the intention of reducing inflammation throughout the body, restoring gut health, improving the body's hormonal response, increasing energy and improving sleep. 

For 30 days, we eliminate all major and potential contributors to poor gut health, energy, and inflammation. This includes processed foods, sugar, gluten, dairy, Alcohol, legumes and grains. Ultimately, the goal is to ONLY eat WHOLE FOODS for 30 days. For those unfamiliar with the Whole30 program, please visit for more information.

Whole30 and Transitions.... What's the connection?

      We started Transitions Health and Wellness with the intention of offering services that can make a positive and lasting impact on the brain and body. All of the services we offer are specifically because of the lasting impact they have made in our lives and we believe it can in yours as well. That being said, we did our first Whole30 over 7 years ago and immediately noticed the improvements it made for us. Over the past 7 years we have done several rounds of Whole30 and helped friends and family along their journey as well.


      Float Therapy, along with our other services, does a tremendous job of helping people deal with pain, sleep issues, anxiety and depression, but we knew that often times the relief felt by our services is temporary and the root cause of some of these issues or conditions may be addressed or even resolved with a Whole30 reset. In 2021, Dan decided to become a Whole30 Certified Coach in order to help others through a Whole30 Program, while using the services offered at Transitions to help navigate the challenges and elevate some of the benefits.

Whole30 is free, why do I need a coach?

You don't! offers INCREDIBLE resources to help you do a Whole30, there are tons of additional resources online as well. We strongly encourage to get started today! As a Whole30 Certified Coach, Dan specializes in helping those who may have tried a Whole30 in the past and found it difficult, or those would like the additional support and accountability. 

Coaching Services Offered

Individual Coaching


Typically 60-90 min in length

Typically sessions have two Goals-

1. Gameplan, set up and execution of a Whole30

2. Follow up, check in, additional support around existing or previous Whole30

Organic Vegetables

S.E.L.F. Program

6 Week Program:

Group Whole30

Weekly Floats

Weekly Group Support

Weekly Suana/Red Light Bed

Cost: $495

This Six Week Program integrates the Whole30 program and Transitions Therapies offered to create a lasting impact on the health improvements experienced. This is a group program limited to 8 participants.

To book a session with Dan, or learn more about the SELF program, what is included, and the next Group Start Date, please email Dan 


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