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Meet Our Practioners!

We are very excited to share the expansion of our Midlothian 

location to now offer services with some amazing healers



Lmar Healing

Dr. Lisa is an intuitive healer, doctor of acupuncture, reiki master, massage therapist, master esthetician, and yoga teacher that loves healing people with her hands and her heart. She is an educator on holistic medicine and passionate about teaching her clients on holistic lifestyle practices as well as maintaining a happy and healthy life. All of her holistic modalities are healing for mind, body, and spirit & align the chakras. Her healing touch & scientific background helps balance, rejuvenate and relax the whole body. She loves being a part of  Transitions Float Studio. Her website is 
You can book a session with her directly or email her at 
Namaste & Peace & Love  & Light  

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Meet Andie!

Andie Gauna is a 200hr Certified Hatha Yoga and meditation instructor, currently residing in North Chesterfield. Along with her love of Yoga, she is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Acupressurist and professional vocalist, working out of the Midlothian location at Transitions RVA.

Some of Andies' other interests include anything outdoors, dancing, motorcycling, roller skating, long bow archery and hula hooping. "Life is meant to be lived!"

For private sessions, Andie can be reached here through Transitions, her cell: 860-500-3345 or Email:

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Dan Jenkins

Certified Whole30 Health Coach

Owner, Transitions Float Studio

As a Certified Whole30 Health Coach, Dan is available to support individuals through their own Whole30 journey. Dan spent over 10 years counseling in the field of Substance Use Disorder in Florida, and brings with him his knowledge of addiction and the challenges in separating from unhealthy or unwanted habits.


Dan and his wife Rochelle own Transitions Float Studio, which has now grown to four locations in 3 different states. Transitions has now served over 25,000 people and we are excited to layer in keystone to lasting improvement in one's brain and body- the food we eat. To learn more visit our Whole30 page for services we offer.

Dan Jenkins
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